• Hello there, fellow seekers of life's pleasures!
    I'm here in the vibrant tapestry of New York City, eager to share a bit about myself. I thrive on an active and creative lifestyle, with a love for horse riding, tennis, and running that keeps me energized and outdoors. I also find solace in the world of art, where I express my innermost thoughts and emotions, and embrace the passion and rhythm of Latin dancing to add a touch of spice to my life.

  • You may wonder what brings me to this dazzling city of dreams
    It is a quest to fulfill my destiny, one that has led me to pursue a master's degree in fashion and luxury brand management. My heart beats in resonance with the elegance of fashion, and my ultimate aspiration is to unveil my own jewelry brand, where style and sophistication intertwine in harmonious allure. Fashion is my language, and my personal style reflects timeless femininity and grace. Expressing myself through clothing is a true pleasure.

  • But beyond all this, I'm known for my cheerful disposition
    Spending time with me promises fun, comfort, and intrigue. It's an invitation to explore the world in the company of a kindred spirit. Time spent in my company is a delightful respite from the mundane, an invitation to explore the world with a kindred spirit
  • My heart longs for enchanting evenings, where I can enjoy delightful company and all possible pleasures
    So, if you're a gentleman who enjoys meaningful conversations, seeks adventure, and appreciates the sensual aspects of life, I extend a warm welcome to you. Together, we shall embark on a journey illuminated by laughter, comfort, passion and endless fascination

5' 6"



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Rates for incall and outcall are the same

1 hour


2 hours

Each Additional Hour
4 hours
Dinner Date
9 hours
Over Night

Few days

Travel Together

per day
Screening process
To ensure the safety and authenticity of our meeting, I kindly request that you provide two references from other girls, as well as their contact information. A photo ID and link to your LinkdInn profile will also go a long way in establishing trust and confidence before your scheduled meeting. I greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter
Deposit policy
To secure our upcoming meeting and confirm the date and time, I kindly request a deposit of 30-50%. You have the option to transfer this deposit to either a cryptocurrency wallet or my UK bank account. This measure ensures that our plans are respected and helps create a safe and reliable environment for our rendezvous. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
Cancelation policy
Your comfort and peace of mind are paramount to me. If you find the need to cancel our meeting with at least three days' notice, your prepayment will be promptly refunded. Additionally, I'm happy to accommodate a one-time rescheduling of our meeting to another date without any loss of your deposit. Please be aware that if the meeting is rescheduled or canceled beyond this allowance, the deposit will be forfeited. This policy is in place to ensure that both our time and intentions are respected.
Please contact me via WhatsApp: +19178075835

Hope to see you soon!
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